Midnight Prayer


Even in the midnight hour you are still in control. We thank you for holding our world together in the midst of chaos. We praise you as the light that shines in darkness. You are the governor of our souls. We ask you to magnify yourself and meet the needs of those who are lost, impoverished, and sick. Bring them to the place of freedom that can only be found in your presence. Be exalted in our minds, hands, and lips so that the world will know that there is a God who saves; who delivers and redeems. Birth in us new life so that we may go the distance. Keep us from the hands of the enemy; from the liar and oppressor. Destroy the devil’s work and let your Kingdom prevail. For you alone are the Holy One. We say this prayer openly not so that people may see how pious we are, but they may see you as the Highest Priest. We commune with you O Lord, come and bring justice to our nation. Let us have the joy we had as little children again.

In that precious transcendent name,


Amen and A woman

the prototype

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