The Second Letter of James

Chapter One

1 James, messenger of Jesus according to the Revelation of the Father, 2 To Judas, my beloved child; and to the saints scattered across the US and abroad: 3 Receive my friendliest welcome.
4 The times have come where ungratefulness abounds while selfishness persists; 5 as was spoken by the apostles and prophets, 6 but to you I commend to Judah, for you have found worship and meekness in the darkness.
7 For this I am in debt to God for you, giving thanks in hope to see the day our souls are knit in one. 8 Even as many of you have cried during the current crisis, 9 I have shared them for the hope of comfort.10 Only remember the beacon that is the center of our expectation – Jesus – who is the light of our world.11 Pray to him while you communicate with us; 12 be authentic and make realness your lifestyle. 13 And as we journey together along this tapestry of truth, 14 we’ll find our love for God growing – even as he loves and sanctifies us. 15 For we all are sinners who were made righteous by his blood; 16 by which we lie down in the heavens, 17 covered by the stars even as he fights all of our battles. 18 Those that are in Him shall be raised with Christ forever. 19 So then Judas, feed upon these truths to be made strong again, 20 and help others to share in the same grace. 21 Find men worthy to receive the mysteries of the gospel; 22 who will not shrink back in times of suffering.

Chapter Two

1 Who has saved us through the power of His word? 2 Who has enlightened the blind through His majestic appearance? 3 He heralds the Truth as an Angel and Teacher. 4 Do not run from suffering His news! There is nothing to be ashamed of. 5 Do not feel sad when they disassemble themselves and show love, but not with sincerity. 6 Such men preach the gospel, but not with an upright heart. 7 Know a person by their true nature by watching what they do while keeping your heart. 8 For why should you deceive yourself in your discernment of others? 9 And why should you speak against the LORD in which my servants speak? 10 It is not futile to be joined to those who serve Christ. 11 But there are those who prosper in their iniquity. Abstain from participating in their corruption. 12 Speak in the ears of those who fear the LORD. Be doers of the word together in unity. 13 Now just as a gourd is used as instruments in the house, 14 there are actions that will cause you to be fruitful, while others hollow. 15 Be sure you are filled with the goodness of Christ. 16 For God will give you a harvest that you neither worked for or cultivated. 17 It shall spring in the dark hours and provide nourishment to all around you. 18 I speak to the kings; may the Spirit of God rest upon you. 19 And walk illuminated with insight and prudence. 20 You shall repel the spells of the sorcerer and astrologer and in everything you shall excel. 21 Don’t be surprised when you are brought before princes and rulers to be interrogated. 22 Be patient and humble, for the LORD is the keeper of the times and will preserve your temple. 23 The writing is on the wall; the writing is on the wall. Listen to me children, I find delight in you. 24 Though I disappear in darkness, I am still near you. 25 For clouds cannot destroy the sun, neither can any imagination of man. 26 Seek the providence of God and he will fill your soul to your appetite’s desire.

Chapter Three

1 Be aware children, that in the midst of perils, times of restoration will come in the last days. 2 For as God loves the world, people will love themselves filling their storehouses with the treasure of charity. 3 They shall wax self-confident in Christ and boast in the LORD; destroying every lofty thing opposed to DIVINE KNOWLEDGE. 4 No longer shall they listen to the wicked advice of their ancestors, but they will learn the law of Christ. 5 Contentment for mediocracy and evil shall no longer be commended and thanks shall be given to God for the power to overcome. 6 Piety shall no longer be practiced in pretense. It shall be developed in the light of God’s Word. 7 Be sure that you walk in a way consistent with holiness; 8 For impurity will lead you to a shrewd God. 9 Find yourself productive in everything that is good. 10 Know right from wrong; falsehood from truth. 11 You will walk in the delight of Christ in this way. 12 Things that are lawful are helpful for instruction, but do not rely on them. 13 The LORD will place His laws within your heart and in your mind according to the Covenant. 14 And you will dwell in the upper room with the LORD. 15 You will feast and learn things that have been sealed away by the Spirit. 16 For the Spirit only reveals what Christ speaks to His church.

Chapter Four

1 Have you sinned by failing to do what you ought to do? 2 Don’t listen to any spirit that doesn’t confess Jesus as LORD. 3 I eagerly write this to you as the faith will be attacked by those who don’t share in the Regeneration. 4 Be strong in God, and you will take the Devil by the tail. 5 You shall overcome, and cross into God’s garden with the rest of Israel. 6 You shall go into your house safely and none shall rob nor plunder you. 7 Be sure to dwell in the light of God. 8 Set a table for those who have no place to eat. 9 By doing this, you save them from the anger of God. 10 Even the Devil who shows no mercy, deceives and destroys his prey. 11 My love, you have honed your speech to be as juice from the plant. 12 It is like chains upon my neck; a flowing fragrance that kisses down my spine. 13 In the presence of God I let my guard down. 14 We can chill near the oasis, 15 for the LORD comes soon for His bride. 16 Let those who fear hope assiduously.

Chapter Five

1 We are not as widows whose Husband failed to care for or leave an inheritance. 2 We have a Savior who is opening the gates of righteousness. 3 If you set this example among the women, you will do well. 4 Be sure to surround yourself with men of valor who are not afraid of death. 5 In your fellowship, make it your aim to please God in everyway. 6 Not that you aren’t already doing this, but that you find yourself in the righteousness of Christ. 7 For we would have you receive recompense for what he’s done for you on the day of judgment. 8 Those who are arrogant will be plundered and extorted. 9 Had they not boasted against the children of God, the LORD would have relented. 10 Listen! O man; who denies Christ while summoning your gods. 11 Both you and your idols will kneel before the LORD in His day. 12 And the brothers who you reveled with shall perish by the sword. 13 Beware of judging, lest you are brought before the Judge; 14 who rules over kings for His glory. 15 He will test whether the spirit of God is upon you. 16 Wisdom comes to those who hear God’s word; 17 he gives interpretations and common sense to those who lack direction. 18 Now then, shall I gar her to act as my wife? 19 Let me gather the meg and peppers, the syrup and honey. 20 I will prepare a holy picnic saith the LORD, 21 And my elect shall enjoy the finest of feasts.

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