D.I.T._.Y @ the Quarters

Hello world! I’m appreciative for the privilege to write to you again (even if maybe this is the last time). Nations are in crisis as tragedies are happening all over the world. For those who are willing to listen, we still have a hope anchored in the identity of Christ. No matter what storms will arise, we will always have a place of refuge.

I’ll keep this blog short as it’s just a prelude into the New Phase many of us are entering in. I’m setting up a Patreon account (ideally, I would’ve gone another way, but due to certain setbacks, this is the most convenient route….upgrades are coming). This is an attempt to build community over Social Media, not that Social Media is necessary to build one in these days. Here are six reasons for the Patreon account:

  1. Fulfilment: Carrying out the ministry/assignment God assigned through teaching, prophecy and disclosing the disciplines of spiritual fellowship. (NOTE: Fellowship of the Spirit does not equate to mysticism, although there are many overlaps between the schools of thought)
  2. Final Consummation: (a.k.a. the end of all things) Sounds scary, but there’s no need to fear. Change is brewing in every respect and we want to make sure everyone is prepared for the challenges ahead.
  3. The Basement: The place where podcasts, music, and other applications will be made. I’m looking forward to having artists share their talents while collaborating with others.
  4. Touring: Following the Great Commission, bringing the Gospel to the world in every respect. I believe that entails not simply preaching behind the pulpit, but meeting people at all walks of life right where they are. For me sharing the gospel is living life in a way where people see and relish the beauty of Christ in how you conduct yourself.
  5. Advocacy: There are many political issues running around that can hurt progress in securing life, happiness, and freedom for all people. As a Black Man, I am for preserving the interests of my tribe that is empowering; leveling the playing field, and presenting little to no threats to outsiders. To dismantle the problematic systems of White Supremacy and doing away with it’s essence by strengthening to bonds of True Light and Virtue among God’s Children.
  6. Scholarships & Charities: Whatever funds are pooled together here will either help a child through college or fulfill a need through charity.

There are many other projects I aspire to take on, but it’s not suitable for the platform. Some people are already aware in some degree what those ventures are and we’ll reveal them in time. For now, this is enough to see if such progress is wanted by the people.

You can expect content in all it’s forms moving forward; we’ll do podcasts, blogs, vlogs, and other digital formats for a season [as God allows]. You can check out the Patreon by clicking here.

Thank you for considering giving an helping hand. Please note that we intend to keep building whether people join us online or not. As always, until next time…

I love you.