Bricks Upon Bricks

Two years ago over the summer, I decided to pick up playing basketball after years of not playing. If any of you know me, I was like a lil’ Muggsy Bogues on the court. Not so much now….it was pure comedy to see how much touch I lost on the ball. I mean shootn’ air balls after air balls, little to no handles, etc. So embarrassing but I loved every moment of it. I played ball at an ol’ court near my mother’s house that day. And…it didn’t take long for that moment to become bittersweet as later on in the day, it was reported on the news that a teenager was shot at that very same court and killed. Um…I wrote that word because I had to take a pause after remembering how I felt to know I underwent another close call, and that another lil’ brother is killed, and there ‘s a family that’s grieving — and — I don’t want this to happen to my own children. If it isn’t racism, or police brutality, it’s the crime in our own backyards. So many didn’t make it during this Pandemic and then there’s people like me, who God has kept through fires after fires.

If it isn’t racism, or police brutality, it’s the crime in our own backyards.

This blog won’t be long as it’s being written to show appreciation to a good brother who’s out in the trenches and Lord willing, we’ll be working more together soon. Also because I’m still on the move….yup not at home yet. To my fellow brothers, you are not alone. Get help if you can: some type of therapy. Just like there are alternative medicines, there is also non-mainstream therapy. Do what works best for you…and know that we got your back.

For my fellow musicians and singers, have you noticed the boom in Real Estate Development lately? It’s happening all over the country, for a variety of reasons and not all of it is good. I encourage you to look into Real Estate Investing if you haven’t and you can begin by considering my next composition challenge.


You ever looked at a piece of manuscript paper and saw bricks within the measures? Go and explore your city, town or suburb. Look for three types of buildings that are built with brick:

  • A dilapidated/abandoned building
  • A house under construction
  • A house already built

Compose a short song either looking at the bricks as staff paper and/or a step sequencer.


Are there aspects of music that has yet to be explored?

Is there a hidden power/frequency that has yet to be tapped into that can create or manipulate matter?

How could music be commodified in a non-capitalistic way being integrated with Real Estate?

I James,

Have given you sound wisdom and instruction. Go, live, and be free….

And as always,

I love you.

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