MV vs. MV

For Nautzera there was no present, only the clamour of a harrowing past and the threat of a corresponding future. For Nautzera, the present had receded to a point, had become the precarious fulcrum whereby history leveraged destiny. A mere formality.

Author: R. Scott Bakker

Marc: You’re just gonna let me see what you’re up to and let me copy huh?

Me: Do as you wish so long as you do good by all people and not those who are greedy for power…

Finnian: An bhfuil tú cinnte gur mhaith leat dul leis seo? – Are you sure you want to go through with this?

Me: Trust me….Jesus put xxxxx under my feet.

Arthur: And who might xxxxx be?

Horus: It is me. We are all coming together.

Mr Musk….I think we need to run that tape back don’t we?

In the beginning God created the heaven[s] and the earth. Gen 1:1


Nothing else is needed to be written in the Bible, but what type of book would that make it? God has to show His work in someway right? I mean how can we attempt to objectively prove something exists without going into detail.

In the beginning God created….in the beginning of what though? Time? Space? Matter? At what time? What space…etc. The more we become inquisitive, the more you will either grow closer into Christ’s labryniths of universes or into the web of delusions by one’s own choosing.

In the beginning God created the heaven[s]
and the earth.

10 words….15 syllables….makes for a great 5/8 pattern….except it’s not that simple.

And all of a sudden, we’re multiplying context onto one single verse and for good reason.
It is said that every word of the Bible is perfect.

Every word of God is flawless; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him. Prov 30:5 BSB

Except the Hebrew word for flawless is צרף which literally means to refine metal….

I know….welcome to the school of hard knocks. I meant rocks…

So God created the heavens and the earth…speaking to what He did before the invention of time AND what he will do at THE END of the world. Destroying and Rebuilding. And birthing…

Skeptic: Yeah but Jesus didn’t come back and the world will probably heal itself.

Atheist: The world came about through one huge blast…

James: I get it. What if I were to tell you that God made more than one heaven and earth an’d already returned to one earth, but not this one? What if there is another universe where Jesus hasn’t even been born as the Messiah yet, and another where he is just been born? Like a Multiverse of sorts. Seems plausible when you consider the Bible has several #versuz doesn’t it? Makes more sense in the Creation story as it provides hidden context that is often taken for granted. (More on that later).

Imagine then…God created universes upon universes upon different timeframe; like drawing lines upon the x, y, and z axis, beating upon subdivisions and polyrhythms. This is a little too advanced for Rap music right now, but as we enter the New(Ancient) Era, we’ll rediscover lyricism in it’s purist form.

Don’t worry earthlings, we’re bringing this home safely and slowly….breaking you in.

I James, with several of the saints write this world in light of the gospel: The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand. Thank you Jesus for transforming our minds!

And as always,

I love you.

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