Knowing the Xpoused: Prelude to Mystical Polygon

Very seldom do I give advice on this matter as I am still growing in this area myself: choose your partner(s) wisely. Whether they are friends, co laborers, family, or your spouse(s), it’s important that you choose people that will be indispensable to the vision God assigned to you. There is great blessing to be around people who are like minded.

Somewhere beyond the realms of normalcy; over the chaos and dysfunction is a Felicity of Divine Communion: The type that can only commence as God betroth His beloved to Himself. It is an event many singles desire, and those who are going through tough marriages seek after. It is the regret those who are divorced experience and the hope of those who are widows or with lost wife. We long for Christ to return with His ethereal presence; to enjoy Him/Her in all of their glorious majesty.

How Do We Get There?

Unfortunately, we are in a crisis–many people have fallen away from Christianity while others’ love for Jesus has waned over the years. To speed up His glorious return, I’m going to turn our attention to a particular text to explore.

Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.
1 Peter 3:7 KJV

As much as people put value on originality and individuality, there is wisdom to be gained in being an imitation or being part of a community. This must be true for both woman and man who look to Jesus. They must be willing to purify their hearts and walk in the same manner as he did in the past while perceiving how He will return.

Coming Home

While the ignorant will forget those who passed long ago, God remembers every child of His by name. It maybe difficult now to fathom knowing every soul as no human being is perfect, but His children are evolving, taking into account every being that belongs to God. Two things should be continuously revolving around the Christian’s mind:

1) Christ
2) His Church/Bride

They must be willing to purify their hearts and walk in the same manner as he did in the past while perceiving how He will return.

For if men only think of their earthly spouses, they are in danger of either idolizing their spouse and will get disappointed, or will be unprepared to stand before Christ when He returns. Be sure that your vision of Christ is not merely in the inner Chambers of your mind, but corresponds to the vast glories of His presence outside of you.


Respect is the natural byproduct of knowledge, and can only be maintained by love. By love, we mean the Biblical definition which encompasses many other virtues. Respect is earned as it is given. For if you respect no one, how could you expect anyone to truly respect you? To respect someone other than yourself requires humility as you are drawing your attention away from you onto someone else. When attached to love…

Grace beyond Defects

You will give praises that overrides whatever shortcomings you see in another person. This doesn’t mean you don’t acknowledge a person’s faults/wrongs, it means that as you remember what manner of righteousness you received in Christ, you speak in the same manner to another. There is power is speaking and thinking positively as this is a reflection of God’s goodness.


An arduous desire to see Christ’s return should be reflected in prayer. You know whether a person is merely living for this world when their desires are only focused on the temporal things.

I wrote these words to tackle subjects on 3 levels as we are now opening ourselves to the Multiverse. On one hand, this is for Advent preparing for the Final Consummation. On another, I am speaking domestic living and how one should treat their spouse whether they are married or single. (Just because a Christian is single, doesn’t mean they are not betrothed) And yet I am giving grounds on polygamy; how it exists spiritually and why should it not be shunned in a Christian community.

I James, commute these words to you from above and below to give reassurance: The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand. Be blessed and build strong communities.

And it goes without saying,

I love you dearly.

And I will betroth you to me forever. I will betroth you to me in righteousness and in justice, in steadfast love and in mercy. Hosea 2:19 ESV

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