Prayers for Family In-House

Majestic Lord,

You have caused us to be visitors on the Earth and to live as pilgrims until your Return. Thank you for leading and protecting us in the maze of life. Thank you for not abandoning us when times become crucial. Be praised as the only LORD who rules well over His people.

I pray for families across the globe. May healing and restoration come through every door; every closet; every basement. Cause us to acknowledge you in our relationships so that we may become humble and loving. I lift up Yolanda, R _ _ _ a, Marcus and _ _ on. Give them wisdom so that they may prosper in everything their hands do.

I bring every woman before you LORD. Protect their bodies, minds, and souls from predators, keeping them on the pure path. Let every abuser and ravenous rapist be thrown into the fire, but be merciful to them as a Father and allow them to repent so that no further harm be done to your daughters.

Let odes of joy bring forth peace! Let your songs serve as the covenant between you and I. Surround me like stereos of buzzing Horkheimer, make me a man of holy worship. You have bought me O Lord My Redeemer. Fine tune my lips unto the gracious singer. We want our homes to be filled with unspeakable joy; with everlasting love, and unrelenting peace. Let it resound again and again. Do not let our sinful selves break in pieces again. For our world is crumbling, expecting you to Return. Give us grace according to your Wonderful Hand.

In the Name of Our Pure Master,

Jesus { Al – Quddos }

Ameen and Ameen

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