Prayer: Zee and Tees


When we were on the verge of despair, you comforted us. You have known us from the very beginning and have plotted our course from afar. We thank you for the gift of life and all it entails. You are the source of our Strength. Be magnified forever! Lord we are in the season of marriage. Many are being wedded as a shadow of your return. Let us not be so caught in the ways that are to cease that we fail to take solace in You. We pray for happy, growing and honest marriages as you are marrying us. Bring grace to those unions you honor and that honors you. For many of us have walked near you, sat at your table and have eaten with you and yet STILL DO NOT KNOW YOU! Open our souls to receive your holiness – in power, love and soundness. Let us not be separate from you. ~ Selah

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You instructed us to be watchfull in all as the end approaches. We trust in this word for freedom, transformation, and Felicity. We pray for Nigeria as the recent demonstrations from the Yoruba Nation arises. We also pray for the nations of Ecador and Chile. In all these places, uplift your people from poverty and oppression. Help us to prepare as these same tribulations will get louder in our land. Shine upon us wisdom for the coming years. Let her exalt us even as we love and crown her with majesty.

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LORD, you are ever thinking of us with thoughts that are profound! Forgive us for forgetting you and prioritizing you last in our lives. Help us to keep you first and foremost in our lives always. Do not leave us to be ignored and hated by all; to go without in hunger and nakedness. Feed and clothe us so we can be of service to others. And we shall all bask in your lovingkindness. Redeem us O LORD.

Now God, evil men prey upon our daughters; to beseige them as a city as they break down their walls. They sow terror among the innocent as they tower as a sycamore tree. They appear in greatness and might so that none would challenge them…should these find good and peace as they rob others? Alas O LORD, sow among them troubles as they have done others. Let it trample over them as wild horses that traverse over meadows; let them tremble with overwhelming trauma all the days of their lives – like a cockroach that is immediately stepped upon on sight. 

You have touched the mouths and hands of your servants to speak in these days. Let them not only prophesy, but worship in true holiness announcing your return. I will sing unto the LORD the words of mercy and judgement: What has been planted shall be uprooted, and whatever established shall be overthrown. For nations rise and they fall, but your kingdom LORD is an everlasting kingdom. We drink of your gratitude and majesty. Fill us up and let us whine no more.

In Jesus Name,


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