Prayer: The Glow Up

Most beautiful,

There are many ways we look to cosmetics to enhance our countenance, but you O Lord are the most wonderful, handsome, and gorgeous of them all. We praise you as one who stripped Himself of all likeability to emphasize with the least of us just so you can make all equal in You. Thank you for loving your people fervently when others have despised them. Be blessed and praised forever more. Selah.

Some of us boast in our connections, others in their wealth, some take pride in their stature and others in their accomplishments. Help us LORD to take pride in nothing but knowing You; as one who KNOWS us and loves us dearly. Forgive us for putting too much confidence in ourselves rather than on you who disperses every blessing. Help us to humble ourselves and rely on traversing this world according to the STRENGTH you provide.

Now God you promised a transformation that begins inward and is finished outward; a transformation of not just our bodies, but what we possess as we co-inherit your Kingdom. Help us to hold fast to your Promise unwavering so that we may enter the Promise Land. I pray for our celestial presence to come soon as you Return to Us O Lord. Help us to desire you more and more. I thank you for my dearest friend Erica who reminded me to Delight in You and Her as an extension of you. Help your servants to continue towards perfect love without fear and without corruption.

For we know those who exalt lust over love; who look merely to outward appearances and sensual pleasures rather than the content of the heart. Lord I pray that you will heal them of their sickness so that they maybe healed. And touch us O Lord, who may have contracted such a contagious disease! Purify us so that the advances of affection arise from the purest of intentions.

Yet there are those who care less for propriety; who walk around without consideration of others; godless and mockers who have no respect towards you or any authority. Lord consider our plight. Many have endured injustice after injustice and are tired while others have never seen anything good their entire lives. Extend your hand even to them…even to us Lord, but for those who despise you wilfully after tasting of your goodness, LET THEM DRINK AND CHOKE ON THEIR OWN POISON! CONFOUND THEM WITH THE SAME SOPHISTRY THEY SPEAK TO THOSE THEY WISH TO DECEIVE! LET THE MAKE-UP AND COVER UPS BE THAT ONLY OF DUNG, FIRES, AND REFUSE!

For you cause the Sun to rise on the just and the unjust. You show no partiality, no favoritism. Help us to walk in the same manner as you – according to every race, age, sex, religion, and creed. You alone are Majestic, Magnificent, and Mighty. Hallelujah and glory be to your Name!

In your Transcendent Name,


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