Prayer: Supernatural Nursing

Heavenly Caretaker,

Many of us are fleeing to hills as our world becomes more sick. Love and truth is thrown away for sensationalism and unrighteous ness. Yet your Kingdom triumphs over all. Thank you for making your servants more than conquerors even in our fragile states. Be praised as the one who healed broken wounds, and mental ailments; cancers and breathing disorders. You work your virtue through the sons of Men. Hallelujah and Thank you again.

O Healer, have you forgotten your servants; your people who seek to do your will? We plead for your help while serving only to be rejected and scorned by others. We are tired and yet we press on because of the Promise. How much longer LORD? Let our hearts find your heart that beats for us tremendously! Bring us to the community that abides under your Covenant. And keep every lying and malicious tongue from us. Cut off the hand that knowingly puts desires to err from us.

We pray this prayer because we do not want mere quietness; but everlasting peace coupled with your joy. We pray for those who have lost loved ones recently due to violence, sex trafficking, miscarriage, and drunk driving. Comfort them in this time of grief while removing all unrighteousness from the land.

I speak a new wave of love into our world; true connections that our pure and comprehensive; without fear and without recklessness. Give us the finest affections and passions without becoming proud or headstrong. And let it permeate throughout all your people with recreational power — the type of power that brings rivers and deserts and streams in valleys. The type that grows vegetation through concrete and restores ancient ruins. I speak of this love not only from an earthly perspective, but an heavenly intergalactic and interplanetary one. Heal and transform our bodies as you bring us before angels and rulers and powers far above our skies. We will nurse upon the goodness of your breasts Lord. And let the Kingdom of Heaven be wedded upon the Earth.

We praise you Jehovah Rapha.

In Jesus Name,


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