Prayer: Foreign Policy


Greater works will be done by those who abide in your truth, and yet you pour out greater grace to those who don’t deserve it. Thank you for not leaving us to wander with those who are in the dark. With you dwells light beyond the sun, the moon, and the stars. How great are you LORD! The current times have forced us to find our own tribes; to find refuge in safe places where your presence resides. Help us to discern whether a spirit is not from you and whether it is merely an uncommon, different, or rare outpouring of your grace. Cause us to be hospitable to the just and the unjust.

You see the plight of my people and how they are divided in every way; through lineage, colorism, gender, political associations, religion, and more. If it were not to the power of your RECONCILIATION, we would never find the grace to stand together. Alas we admit we rebelled against your ways. Forgive us and help us to be accountable from the heavens to the earth. Restore relationships between Blacks and Africans, the US and China, Russia, and Korea. Draw together the life that is in heaven above with the life that is here on earth. Help us to become whole so that we may form alliances for the greater good. Protect us from those who are insidious; who only wish to further divide and conquer. Let not their fangs sink into the crevices of our souls. Through your word, let us cause our enemies to be scattered.

For you are a good, good, good Father. We praise you forever.

In Jesus Name,


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