Prayer: Closer Intimacy

Awesome Comforter,

You are more flavorful than the apple of my eye; more pleasant than aromas of cinnamon and echinacea, and yet I am known and loved by You. You wash my ears with words of tenderness and loving kindness, and heal my bowels with relaxation. You bring me through the groans, the pains and frustrations that this temporal life has. Thank you for hearing the cries that no one hears, uplifting my soul when I am too weak to voice my concerns, and noticing the sacrifices I made when no one watches. I know that I was a sinner. How is it that you delight in Me?

Many men have become homeless in the past few days adding to the many that are displaced due to war, poverty, and brokenness. Will you punish all those who are unholy, arrogant, and lawless? Or will you pour your Spirit of wisdom on those who are rebellious, that they may too repent and be restored to a proper relationship with you?

I lift up the inhabitants of the Democratic Republic of Congo and their relationship with the UN and Uganda. May sufficient means of support be given to ensure the Congolese have a safe place to thrive. I also pray for our brothers in the Ukraine –including the Africans residing there– that they may find refuge from the coming attacks from Russia. I pray for our people in Chicago, LA, Atlanta and in all other cities in the US where the poor are overlooked and despised. Increase our love and concern for them so that the whole body may be comforted and find Everlasting Rest.

For they have shot arrows, bullets, and cannons to destroy the walls of your Temple, but they shall not prevail. You have shielded us according to your love; according to your faithfulness and your truth so that we may find solace within your Presence. We bow before your Majesty, your Sovereignty, your Dominion. Lead us to the Home you have prepared for us in the End of All.

In the Name that the Spirit Reveals,

Ameen and Ameen

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