Prayer: Great Victory

Strong Deliverer,

So many are down and depressed due to the state of our world, our society has reared its ugly head against the godly, and kings of wickedness are being loosed. Yet, you have protected your children from every attack and final blow from the enemy. When we would be trampled upon, you hid us, and when we would be cast to the ground, you lifted us. For this I extol you and my heart leaps for joy. You put wars and injustice to rest and peace to every conflicted heart. – Selah

You’ve seen how bleak it is for many to get the care and treatment needed in Ukraine, and yet in our country many will struggle in getting health care and others due to the priorities of our government. But you turn the heads of rulers according to your purpose, and you bring restoration to all who seek you. Thank you for provision, protection, and preservation when things look utterly challenging. Thank you for courage for when you shake the earth again and cause the hills to fall; throwing fires upon valleys and blood upon rivers.

For you are a God of mercy and condemnation. We respect you as you treat this world accordingly.

In the Name of Our Mighty Warrior,

El Elyon, [Hafiz]

Ameen and Ameen

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