The Sights and the Staff

1. An omen of James;
concerning America and present day Russia.
2. Hear the word of the LORD:
In the times I have visited you, you have not welcomed me.
3. And my servants who I sent to you; even my Messengers and Ministers, you have enslaved and ostracized.
4. The truth I sent to you, you would not hear, neither would see.
5. Therefore this shall be done upon your Utopia that you wish to build.
6. Your stories shall be blotted out from the Book of Life; every one of you who silence the oppressed and give praise unto the wicked;
7. Who speak lies to their neighbor and says, “God does not see.” “Is the LORD afflicted as unto the sons of men?”
8. Behold, I shall raise leaders from Ecuador as I did in Egypt; they shall lead my people from your lands, and I will make you desolate.
9. The days of prosperity and giddiness shall cease, and the candle that has lit your cities shall burn out.
10. And you shall see who were the light of your land — my children who you have dishonored.
11. Give word to the nation of Cambodia:
I have watched over you and made your ways beautiful, so that although the freemen once rejected you, they now dance beside you.
12. How is it that you twist the words of my law O Esau?
13. Your lusts have profaned you, spilling blood that I delight not in. What is the meaning of your sacrifices?
14. The cries of the innocent you piled up have reached my ears, and their anguish has reached my heart.
15. I will free them from the prisons you have placed them in, and ressurrect those you have unjustly executed.
16. You see my beloved Jacob? He has shut his eyes to bask in my glory.
17. The waywardness of the world have become abominable to him, and it’s luxuries worthless.
18. I will be with him and his descendants forever.
19. I will cause their hearts to discern where to find my opals and benetoite.
20. His name and his descendants shall be remembered forever.
21. And I will allow my children to feel my joy; in exultation shall they cross diverse springs.
22. I will lead them in song; even the songs of the ancients; that of holy kings and princes.
23. Wherever they go, I will keep them. They shall feed upon the food I create for them.
24. For my word shall never fail in satisfying with food and drink. No, not even in the cold.


This is the word of the LORD.

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