Prayer: O Pies and T

Dutiful Divinity,

Every pretense to wisdom and knowledge you make a fool out of. You frustrate the plans of the insolent and scoff at the irreligious. Had we not seen you in humor, we would never see the gravity in light-heartedness. Thank you for exalting the young and childish things to confuse those who are mature. You are the Ancient of Days, yet you humbled yourself as a little babe. Your wisdom is ever greater than all the accumulated prudence of men. For this we honor and give you praise. – Selah

Lord we admit that we don’t know how to properly please you and that we’ve denied your heart when in comes to diffusing True Love. Forgive us for closing off your presence. Forgive us for not diligently seeking your desires. I have often quit in developing due to my fear of you keeping me. I am hugging myself knowing that you have held me fast. Give us the discipline to fast and pray to fight the good fight of faith. We pray against unnecessary discord and wrangling in our communities and abroad.

We pray against any further delay in your goodness in reaching us. Bind the cords of those who are selfish, proud, malicious and manipulative while setting free those who love freely with self-control. This I pray for myself and my loved ones. Undo the laws that makes loving others fervently impractical while keeping your Covenant. Hold those who insist on being treacherous taskmasters accountable; whether they are family, friends, associates or powers. Equip those that are without with more than enough to sustain themselves and share with others.

We pray this prayer because you have given us songs to declare your glory; songs that foreshadows our own, and the cessation of the heavens we know now. We know that you don’t clown around, but bring clouds to those who say their reknown. Surely you are the New Sun and Moon that comes forth! Arise upon our hearts, our heads – even upon our beds as we rest tonight.

In the Name of the True Vine



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