Intercession: Through Dark Latencies

Best Friend,

Many of us have entered the night seasons as we cannot work as we ought; many have lost their jobs, businesses, and relationships during the Pandemic, but you O Lord have been a faithful friend though it all. Thank you for being our Light in times of trouble.

We have seen it with our own eyes — the Earth has turned black and the Sun and Moon fails to give it’s light. You have allowed your people to be wearied in the face of adversity. Forgive us for merely looking to ourselves and not to you for Strength. Give us the courage to take the staff you have given us and stand together in unity. Remove all confusion and timidity and dissension among us as we fight against demonic forces. – Amen

Now God we have submitted ourselves to the purging process, and you have convicted us and washed us inside. [Have we not become pure vessels in your sight?] Yet there are those who mock and resist your work day in and day out. We pray that you will continue to extend loving kindness towards them for the sake our your conversion. Through grace, may they see their error and change their minds for your glory.

Although your servants walk in obscurity, you know us. Albeit your people are impoverished, you remember us. You will not leave us to be pitiful for you are our Deliverer — indeed you have saved us from dangers that we weren’t even aware of. Thank you LORD for protecting us lousy guardians. And awaken in us those gifts you have promised and relinquished in this time that is ripe for renewal.

In the Name that Keeps Giving,


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