Prayer for 11111111

King of kings,

Many rulers would like to see us surrender to them through denying you and your Way. They would love to see us conform and be subjected to a corrupted and evil age, but you are Sovereign Lord and do what you please with the princes of powers of this Day. We thank you for the many mercies you bestowed upon us while traversing this country like foreigners. We celebrate you and adore you as our True Home with our True Loves and the Saints.

Lord, hear our plea. I am surrounded on every side with threats of lost, hindrance, and injury. Your servants have faced many attacks in following you and advancing your Kingdom; ambushes, robberies, swindles, with little to no one coming to our defense. We have endured trauma while you hid your presence from us. Lord do not withhold your goodness and grace completely; let your beauty come to us again so we have reason to smile and be thankful in these dark times. We pray for strength for those who are going through the storms in Life, may they ever cling to You and not merely trust in themselves. Give us all the courage to Trust that your Light shines in, through, and after the dark. – Selah

I am still waiting for you to transform me so I can evolve. You know my stature and countenance. I am weak, small and fragile. Yet you have promised to make me a clan and an army, something that you have fulfilled in LifeTimes past. God do not delay any longer in fulfilling your Word to your watchman. You have taught us how to keep in step with the temple and we have done so in the Spirit. Now God we ask you to help us release some of these mysteries Today in this realm, for purification and the Redemption of this generation. Keep every unholy hand from touching what is most sacred, and destroy those who despise your Covenant. 

For shall we merely be a doormat and meek people forever? You are Returning to bring both Peace and Judgement and alas, your servants will follow the Lamb wherever He goes. Lord we look to you as our light and Salvation as you birth us into new dimensions, new existence, and new bodies. We praise you as the source of our sustenance, our direction; our reality. You are the Ultimate Overlord, and yet you are our closest confidant. Thank you for befriending us when we were unloved. Be praised and magnified from henceforth and every day.

In Jesus Name,


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