Prayer: Donda of New Day

Light of the Dawn,

Heavenly choruses are filling our ears in spite of the turmoil seizing the world. Every place of darkness is giving way to the brilliance of your presence. Merci d’avoir enlevé toutes les malédictions de nous. Thank you for mending every broken area in our lives. Kami memuji-Mu sebagai terang hidup kami. – Selah

Lord you have caused your people to arm themselves with you in various forms in this hour. While we focus on the things that are ahead, you cover our sixes. Thank you for feeding us with your faith when were little AntiChrists denying you in ourselves and in the world. Give us the discernment to know where to give of ourselves without enabling evil and forgetting you. I pray this within our country and in Africa as tensions arrive politically. Keep our people shielded with the bonds of undying love, peace, and respect while hatred and pride arises before us.

We bring these things to you as a Revolution arises; a Renaissance that brings about ressurrection power, and reparations to people illegally ruined. We look forward to seeing every man in every nation standing in awe of who you are; to be an honest reflection of you according to your glory that you lavish upon us. We want to be divinely connected to you in this hour as you draw us together. * Siess Uram *

In the name of our God,


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