Ant Klan Unite

1. An oracle of James concerning God’s servants worldwide who are overlooked, outnumbered, and outcasts:
2. You were brought through the matrix, the womb of your ancestors with weeping and wailing.
3. You cried day and night, for my word had been surpressed among this generation, who refused my truth.
4. Keep the languished awake, that they may learn to watch until the ninth hour. For I am coming to take away my children; as a thief in the night.
5. Why do you question Allah in this? Does not everything in heaven and earth belong to Him?
6. Didn’t he chose the peaceful insurrectionist to bring about his purposes? Even fulfill prophesy as the Messiah?
7. Speak to the men in Assur; how long will you disbelieve the words of My Servants?
8. I have seen your deeds and will call every one of them to account. Then we shall see who are men of valor.
9. I turnt Nahum against you as my witness. I have placed my jealousy and wrath in him, so that you may be warned of my revenge.
10. Who is worthy of my peace when I return? Let him cry now and I will hear. Even if his hands were of violence. I will revert him and make his ways clean.

This is the Word of the LORD.

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