Prayer: Great Relent

Molder of Mercy,

הפנה את ליבך אלינו. תן לנו לאהוב כאחד.

Many follow their hearts to their own demise, but you have written your law upon our souls so that we may live abundantly. Thank you for debugging the worms that caused us to misbehave and go awry. Through your Spirit we have found a greater freedom than what this world and it’s society offers.

תסתכל לתוך העיניים שלנו. תעיר את הלב
המתעלף שלנו.

Lord we know that you are allowing all things to grow into maturity, which is why we see the turmoil around us. Keep us from every disturbance as you bring pestilence to many lands because of their sin and your holiness. We lift up Tunisia before you; bring peace that sprouts in righteousness between the protestors and President Kais Saied. We also bring Ukraine and the ongoing war from Russia before you. Lord your sword is not dull that is does not cut deeply with precision. We ask that you put a complete stop against Putin’s invasion and send healing to both nations, including all the refugees that have escaped the region.

Пусть к африканцам в регионах относятся с достоинством и уважением богоносных икон, и пусть Христос отразится во всей Европе.

We know the stoppage in the supply chain is only a shadow of the famines to come. God make your people strong and satisfy us completely in your presence. Help us to remember that our strength comes from you alone. Be merciful to the retailers who are stressed due to the inflation of gas prices. Give distributors wisdom into where to keep documentation of inventory. Even as our Economy embarks upon new horizons, open up heavenly storehouses upon us, so that we may relish every perfect gift.

قدم لنا هدية المهدي مع النبي والمسيح.

For your judgement ascends over the whole earth, and both that glorious and Dreadful Day approaches. Many animals have gone extinct in recent years only for beasts to be released upon the globe. Mark and shield your people as in ages past. Give us courage when horrors roam the earth and remove the wicked from the land. Help us to hold on to you as you reshape our mindset and our actions. Thank you in keeping us from harm’s way and for being gracious to our mistakes. Let all who are wedded to you bow in humble reverence.

This we pray in the name of our Advocate,

Jesus [Musawwir] *Matsya*


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