The End of the Scapegoat

Living Sacrifice,

Many would have your work erased from History — discredited and effaced from society. Yet the rivers and banks you’ve established long ago continues to this Day. Thank you for providing a spiritual drink that satisfies in famines and pestilences. We praise you Jesus because all who came before you were a mere shadow of your coming and a reflection for those who follow afterwards. To you we praise as the worlds collide and are turned upside down. You are the crux that holds everything together. Be praised our pleasure and our rest!

You have adopted us into your family. We presently share in your glory. What a privilege it is to be called sons of God! Yet we do not forget the sins that hurt our connection to you. Forgive us for putting you on the Cross with our hatred, injustice and malicious tongues. And be merciful for those who are still ignorant of their shortcomings and it’s Eternal consequences. Put a stop once and for all against unrighteousness in the courts. [Updated: We thank you for being merciful to Julius Jones as no longer facing execution, but life without parole]. Be with Melissa Lucio as she faces the death sentence. Protect her children and turn the heart of Governor Abbot to relent from such harsh decision. We ask you God that turn the heart of Governor Stitt around so that an unjust penalty is not once again perpetuated by the Enemy of our Souls. Convert him and bring repentance to all who judge by what is seen and heard and not by what is Righteous. – Selah

I take on more courage to Love — and not by the world’s standard or definition, but through godly transformation and redemption through your Blood. I thank you for bringing me like-minded friends who are ever dear and precious to me. I’m grateful for the life and enjoyments you have afforded me in your Presence. Give us the grace to enjoy these things together in True Holiness and Virtue. And let all those who continue to be froward be shunned into everlasting misery.

To the One where Our Blood Flows,

Ameen and Ameen

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