Duke’s Deception

1. This is the presage of James; a vision in the days of Putin’s demobilization.

2. Shall I pry from your hands the vessels you hold dear? You have sent jackals to attack the vulnerable, now I send lions to your estate.

3. With your lips you bring vain offerings; you have humiliated my griots with false narratives.

4. Although you seek prosperity through the stories you tell, you shall fall into pits of despair. Shall you be like the priests who preached before Uzziah?

5. You’ve despised my drink and gotten drunk with your wine. Instead of watching the estate I placed in your hands, you went to steal another’s.

6. The shepherds of Israel and Judah have cried to me, and I have heard their prayers. Who dares incite wrath before my presence?

7. Hear! Bachelors have come from betrothed states to procure wives for themselves. Let them seek with pure hearts and clean hands, and I will bring them favor.

8. Let the women of Djbouti remain free and chaste and deliver the slaves around their regions. I have placed my Spirit in them so that my children will have food and clothes during the cold.

9. Speak to the magicians in Babylon; dare any sign injunctions against my will?

10. For although you create laws to hinder the freedoms of my children, I will make them void; all of you who incite violence through actions and words.

11. And my people shall no longer stumble over their vomit; any of the blocks they laid out in negligence I will remove them.

12. I will open their ears and their eyes so that they may acknowledge my speech, even my Word that descends from Heaven.

13. Stretch forth your hand O healer, for there are still those with kidney stones. 

14. They were once weak with cold blood and quivers, but my love shall warm them says the LORD.

15. They shall remember me and throw away their gods of defective devices; even the sangomas and witch doctors who deny my name.

16. All those who abide by my ways shall be spared of the horrors to come –even– on the Day of Resurrection when I come with Judgement.

17. Sing this song before the seed of Evil:

Sometimes “Al-le-lu-ia, but never Hallowed,”

Maybe “Praise the LORD, but never worthy is our God,”

Rarely gently singing, and never crooned from the heart.

18. They one up the other and never sing in accord,

their waves are disastrous, destroying the corals.

They have given their children to darkness, 

below the Earth where wickedness is their root.

19. They return love with hatred, 

and the abundance of righteousness, they make vacant.

20. O Seid, your burdens upon the Cosmos shall come to an End. 

And I will pour fresh vigor upon my Children; life more vigorous than sky rockets.

This is the Word of the LORD 

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