Entreat: Fulfilling Covenant

Promise Keeper,

For every disappointment brought by men, you have shown yourself faithful to the very end. We open our hearts to you with less doubts and fear because we have seen you show yourself strong on behalf of your children. Great is your faithfulness, O LORD, our comforter and Friend.

You have chosen to reveal your deepest secrets to your servants, some to be kept until the appropriate time, and others never to be revealed to others. We wax confident in these things even as wicked men make their plans in hidden places, for their end comes soon. Now God I ask that you will no longer allow us to leave your soldiers standing idly by, but enlist them as guardians of our people. Bring unity and order to us, so that we will not break ranks, nor be infiltrated to attack each other. Instead, help us build ourselves in every way fitting to your holiness.

We ask finally for intellectual honesty and emotional integrity. Make us well-tempered as many opinions fly about and information is presented partially. You are just, therefore we must be fair in our dealings with people at all times….turn the heart of foreign kings and princes to do the same. FOR WE STAND TOGETHER GIVING NO OFFENSE, WE ADMIT OUR FAULTS BEFORE YOU AND WE SLANDER NO ONE! WE WAIT FOR YOUR CALL O LORD, WE KNOW THE HOUR COMES SOON. BE ADVISED YOUTH! BE WARNED ELDER! FOR GOD SHALL NOT BE MOCKED IN HIS HOLY SANCTUARY!!! THE VIALS AND TRUMP ARE SET BEFORE THE CONGREGATION IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH. AND THE EARTH AWAITS TO OPEN ITS MOUTH TO FILL ITS BELLY.

We love your Truth God because it is pleasant to our Spirits. Give us the delight to speak it more and more among ourselves. With you is EVERLASTING WISDOM, POWER, AND HONOR FOREVER.

To the King of the New Covenant,

Ameen and Ameen

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