Intercession: Knowing the Way

Holy Avenue,

We are crossing bridges, railroads, and highways and yet your enemies are traversing upon their Bullyvards and Roads. Nevertheless God we thank you for the zeal you work in our hearts to do your good pleasure. I thank you for creating those precious moments of enjoying you mile after mile. You are the center of our joy and strength. Help us to focus on the road ahead.

You have given us the keys to long-lasting love and happiness and we don’t take either for granted. Help us to become more circumspect as we look to our ways and be careful enough that none in our vicinity fail to receive your grace with every spiritual gift. For many strive not to make peace, but to oppress, confound, and steal. You see the coming defenses for the ungodly in the coming weeks. Do not let the unrepentant go free, neither do not let the imbalanced acquittals of those who benefit from racial superiority continue and discourage the righteous. Instead fulfill you promise in our eyes and ears; let every crooked road become straight, leave no road unpaved except those who are frontrunners into a New Dimension.

For you are the God of Justice…do not keep it far from your people. Give relief to us who suffer defamation and second-hand violence day by day in America and yet have received recompense from the perpetrators. Do not let the light we hope in be as darkness. Neither let our optimism become the cause of our gloom. We turn our eyes to you Yeshua as we continue to love and move forward. THANK YOU BECAUSE THE KINGDOMS OF DECEPTION ARE BEING CONVERTED TO KINGDOMS OF TRUTH! THANK YOU BECAUSE THOSE WHO ARE REGARDED AS NOBODIES ARE RECEIVING THE FULL BODY OF YOUR GLORY! THANK YOU BECAUSE THE DEATHS OF THE INNOCENT ARE REMEMBERED AND BEING RESTORED TO LIFE!!! THIS PATH YOU HAVE SET THE GODLY ON IS FOREVER AMAZING! IT IS YOU! IT IS YOU THAT IS AMAZING! HOW TASTY, NASTY, PROPERLY FREAKISH IS THE LOVE OF GOD ACCORDING TO HIS COVENANT!! KEEP US ON THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW.

In the Name of the Holy Broadway,

Ameen and Ameen

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