Entreat: In Humble Reverence

Choir Master,

When your back was turned, we were left without a defense. No longer did your Angels keep us, neither did we hear your loving songs. We provoked you to anger with our insolence. Thank you for turning away your wrath in these end times. Thank you for stretching your hand in restoration of our beings. We look to you first for our affirmation; be exalted our healer and shield!

In secluded places, we were met with all types of threats and dangers: weaponized mariachis and master’s of ceremonies all used their resources to strike against your people. We were surrounded on every side but was not in despair because we Trusted in You. 

For days on end, our dreams were made to be jokes and pursuits heavily criticized. We found ourselves in situations that merely handicapped us — this is true of those who serve you without restraints. Had you not taught us your songs in our early days, the power of worship would have left us long ago. We pray that those good ol’ songs reverberate amongst your people, let it’s pure joy be found contagious in this season of sorrows and childbirths. Let a fresh anointing fall upon your Psalmists and Hymnists and let New Songs emerge. – Selah

We know that the more we worship you, the more we share in your Crown and Throne. And the very people you allowed to afflict us will come humbly and bow before our presence. You have caused every place our foot treads to become gold. Indeed we have crossed over realms of glass, firmaments of Jannah, and dyed roads. We are honored and humbled to share in your glory for it is by grace and we don’t deserve it. Thank you for forgiving us for the sins we were sooo unaware of; how many times we angered and disappointed you without you ever revealing our faults! And yet you so gently correct us in the Night Seasons…Continue to show mercy according to your discretion and judge whoever you wish.

In the times of Earthquakes, let the weak buildings fall apart. Let those who refused to serve you continue to fall in obscure abyss. Let the bottomless pit’s mouth be opened wide to all those who boast in themselves and speak insolently against You O LORD. For why should the righteous be afflicted any longer? Why should we be laid waste because of the lasciviousness of others? Erect your Holy City in this time and the Ages to Come. Give us again one heart and one mouth to declare your praises. And we will abide in your Temple forever.

In the Song of the Sun,

Amen and Amen

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