Prayer for Communal Flow


Many have shut their eyes off from your goodness. Instead of hiding in your shadows, they have thrown themselves into the abyss. Lord the darkness and the light are similar to you. Thank you for allowing us to see the bright side of things when our world is falling apart. Truly you are the Redeemer of the times.

Aren’t friends and allies coming from all over the world to help us? Haven’t they come to Repair the breach, and to bestow love and honor to your people? Alas O Lord, we admit that we have sabataged ourselves from your hand by making enemies of your help. Forgive us for being close-minded and help us to put you outside of the box.

Let goodness flow in our lives as we look to you. I speak this prayer for myself as well as my friends; my loves, my angels, my partners. Help us to realize that we deserve this transformative love not because of anything we’ve done or possess, but because of your finished work on the Cross and Ressurecting Life in us. May we experience your power and truth together in all unity.

This is to show our true enemies that they cannot stop this work because it is supernatural. Satan you are already defeated. Let our progress show that we will not be intimidated or discouraged by any delay, misstep or misfortune because you O Lord is Almighty who turns everything around for our good. Let our enemies see your favor on our lives as we eat at the table so they may be ashamed and perhaps converted to avoid damnation. For we know your truest intentions O Lord. O how faithful, and patient, enlightening and merciful you are. We love you.

In the Name that loves,


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