D.I.T._.Y @ the Quarters

Hello world! I’m appreciative for the privilege to write to you again (even if maybe this is the last time). Nations are in crisis as tragedies are happening all over the world. For those who are willing to listen, we still have a hope anchored in the identity of Christ. No matter what storms will […]

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Ever At The Bag

You ever get to some event early and decide to take a short nap, only to wake up hours afterward and now you’re late? Just me? I be sooo heated – like burning up on the inside. Being late is another pet-peeve of mine.

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The Second Letter of James

1 Be aware children, that in the midst of perils, times of restoration will come in the last days. 2 For as God loves the world, people will love themselves filling their storehouses with the treasure of charity. 3 They shall wax self-confident in Christ and boast in the LORD; destroying every lofty thing opposed to DIVINE KNOWLEDGE.

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Careful With the Patrons Mister. They Might Steal a Lick Off of Ya. Innersextions Part One

It’s a learned habit from rejecting the norms of insensitivities and growing til’ there are no more mental or emotional impairments. – The Prototype Gals, Galli, and Guilli O My! Question mark: How clean are you? Do you think that will play a part in how others think about ya? Are you quick to start […]

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He’s Not Extinguished Warden

You have to give it to your enemies sometimes; they may successfully trap you and leave you isolated. They can betray you and leave you half-dead. Danger ever attacks the defiant – especially those who turn a deaf ear to surrendering to iniquities of any sort. And no matter how sanctified you are, you’ll soon […]

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