MV vs. MV

For Nautzera there was no present, only the clamour of a harrowing past and the threat of a corresponding future. For Nautzera, the present had receded to a point, had become the precarious fulcrum whereby history leveraged destiny. A mere formality. Author: R. Scott Bakker Marc: You’re just gonna let me see what you’re up […]

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Cold Turkey

Can I be honest for a second?/ Things lately haven’t been pleasant/ I cringe everytime I see people treating others as peasants/ You would think that with everything goin’ on people would love like cousins/ But we killn’ cousins like they a dime a dozen/ Workn’ for donuts with glaze on our faces/ Stuck in […]

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Bricks Upon Bricks

Two years ago over the summer, I decided to pick up playing basketball after years of not playing. If any of you know me, I was like a lil’ Muggsy Bogues on the court. Not so much now….it was pure comedy to see how much touch I lost on the ball. I mean shootn’ air […]

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Rivers of Half-Time

Hello again my friends….here we are moving into our new phase….I know…not all that exciting…right? If you’re like me, you have high-expectations and when they are not met, you either become cynical, disappointed, and apathetic. The only thing keeping you from going down that rabbit hole is a deep sense of what your purpose is […]

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Ever At The Bag

You ever get to some event early and decide to take a short nap, only to wake up hours afterward and now you’re late? Just me? I be sooo heated – like burning up on the inside. Being late is another pet-peeve of mine.

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The Second Letter of James

1 Be aware children, that in the midst of perils, times of restoration will come in the last days. 2 For as God loves the world, people will love themselves filling their storehouses with the treasure of charity. 3 They shall wax self-confident in Christ and boast in the LORD; destroying every lofty thing opposed to DIVINE KNOWLEDGE.

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