Ever At The Bag

You ever get to some event early and decide to take a short nap, only to wake up hours afterward and now you’re late? Just me? I be sooo heated – like burning up on the inside. Being late is another pet-peeve of mine.

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He’s Not Extinguished Warden

You have to give it to your enemies sometimes; they may successfully trap you and leave you isolated. They can betray you and leave you half-dead. Danger ever attacks the defiant – especially those who turn a deaf ear to surrendering to iniquities of any sort. And no matter how sanctified you are, you’ll soon […]

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Cell With an X

For many of us, many new windows of opportunities have opened up. At last, we can say life is sweet with a lil’ chip on your shoulder. This is just a humble brag. You’re feeling more inspired like a bed covered with silky indigo sheets basking in every moment as you look at the horizons. […]

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Grand Auto Return

Verse One Never mind that you a kid/Think it’s a joke til’ you get rigged/What track you think it’s racist/When they lock you into cages/And for good reason/Yes n*** it’s the season for snitchn’/We can’t keep covering bad nature/The bad eggs we not hitching/We calling cops no faking/Call cap but we in for the taking/Not […]

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Too Beez or Not Too Beez

Count: What’s the point of gain? Should a man add centuries of problems to his cause?Should he detract from his genius in pursuit of wealth?I cannot muster the thought being mastered by chimes dinging throughout the day.Such a man can never sleep. Countess: Unless he takes upon himself a definitive partner;one who will push him […]

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