The Second Letter of James

1 Be aware children, that in the midst of perils, times of restoration will come in the last days. 2 For as God loves the world, people will love themselves filling their storehouses with the treasure of charity. 3 They shall wax self-confident in Christ and boast in the LORD; destroying every lofty thing opposed to DIVINE KNOWLEDGE.

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Gals, Galli, and Guilli O My!

Boo! Did you jerk back? Nah? You from the Wild Wild West? Oh ok…you self-made I feel ya. Free…not everybody have the luxury of avoiding traffic jams; to be cooped up in the hot sun with no AC in your hoopdie; thinking about your next vacation on some remote island hula-hooping to the tunes of […]

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Aim for the Ace

Me: Dennis, why don’t you know how to act?Dennis: What you talkin’ about?Me: The people sayin’ you causing trouble again. Why you gotta be a problem these days?Denis: I’d rather be a menace to solve, than be a mace forgotten and discarded. Being an artist myself, it’s easy to predict who is good as opposed […]

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