Prayer for Communal Flow

Father, Many have shut their eyes off from your goodness. Instead of hiding in your shadows, they have thrown themselves into the abyss. Lord the darkness and the light are similar to you. Thank you for allowing us to see the bright side of things when our world is falling apart. Truly you are the […]

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One Fine Prairie

Messiah, In these last days, we look to YOU as the Holy Messenger. Cultivate your integrity in our lives through the radiance of your WORD. We are indebted to you for discipline; instructions – even – in the night seasons. Be magnified as the Great Conductor who calls rehearsals for your coming. Arise Anointed One […]

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Prayer: Open Door Policy

The Door, Although we trust and believe in you, our doubts creep in and weakens our faith. Lord help us with our unbelief when you take us through the storms life brings. Thank you for your mercy in times of judgement; affirmation in times of insecurity; and love in spite our shortcomings. Draw closer to […]

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Prayer: Donda of New Day

Light of the Dawn, Heavenly choruses are filling our ears in spite of the turmoil seizing the world. Every place of darkness is giving way to the brilliance of your presence. Merci d’avoir enlevĂ© toutes les malĂ©dictions de nous. Thank you for mending every broken area in our lives. Kami memuji-Mu sebagai terang hidup kami. […]

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Prayer for 11111111

King of kings, Many rulers would like to see us surrender to them through denying you and your Way. They would love to see us conform and be subjected to a corrupted and evil age, but you are Sovereign Lord and do what you please with the princes of powers of this Day. We thank […]

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The Sights and the Staff

1. An omen of James;concerning America and present day Russia.2. Hear the word of the LORD:In the times I have visited you, you have not welcomed me.3. And my servants who I sent to you; even my Messengers and Ministers, you have enslaved and ostracized. 4. The truth I sent to you, you would not […]

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Prayer: Great Victory

Strong Deliverer, So many are down and depressed due to the state of our world, our society has reared its ugly head against the godly, and kings of wickedness are being loosed. Yet, you have protected your children from every attack and final blow from the enemy. When we would be trampled upon, you hid […]

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Prayer: Closer Intimacy

Awesome Comforter, You are more flavorful than the apple of my eye; more pleasant than aromas of cinnamon and echinacea, and yet I am known and loved by You. You wash my ears with words of tenderness and loving kindness, and heal my bowels with relaxation. You bring me through the groans, the pains and […]

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Prayer: Foreign Policy

God, Greater works will be done by those who abide in your truth, and yet you pour out greater grace to those who don’t deserve it. Thank you for not leaving us to wander with those who are in the dark. With you dwells light beyond the sun, the moon, and the stars. How great […]

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