The End of the Scapegoat

Living Sacrifice, Many would have your work erased from History — discredited and effaced from society. Yet the rivers and banks you’ve established long ago continues to this Day. Thank you for providing a spiritual drink that satisfies in famines and pestilences. We praise you Jesus because all who came before you were a mere […]

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Grand Auto Return

Verse One Never mind that you a kid/Think it’s a joke til’ you get rigged/What track you think it’s racist/When they lock you into cages/And for good reason/Yes n*** it’s the season for snitchn’/We can’t keep covering bad nature/The bad eggs we not hitching/We calling cops no faking/Call cap but we in for the taking/Not […]

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Sikhing in Redemption

Exploring Religious Text FOREWARD: I do not speak Punjab and I have little exposure to Hindi. Learning Hindi was practical for me due to the nature of work I had to do in the past. The goal is to find Christ’s Immanence in all text; something that is easier to do within Abrahamic Religions than […]

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Reckless Organ Donors: Part One

There are certain issues that shouldn’t be addressed as it brings about too much tension. And there are some issues that you have to confront as it’s silent prejudices brings forth subtle separation in society. Abortion is one of those subjects that can be dangerously wielded to bring about unbalanced power and influence. Historically we […]

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Return of the JedEye

chapter one 1These are the words of James: one of the many servants in the Chi; which he heard regarding Israel during the last days of Trump, and in the days of Joe President of the United States, and Xi Jinping President of the People’s Republic of China, one year before the Great Quake. 2This […]

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