Grand Auto Return: 2

Verse Two

God if you will hear me/
Forgive me for being silly/
I closed my heart from you daily/
And robbed you of your glory/
Now I’m poor but you’re worthy/
Sanctify me with your Truth/
Cause me to see what you freely gave/
And I’ll return the first fruits/
I can’t look at these kids
and judge them for their fall/
For I too broke the Law and
is guilty of it all/
If you would be merciful/
Give us the same heart/
O cause us to work
and return all that is lost/
Kids this is a new day
Being good is the new bad/
Storing treasures in Heaven
Now that’s the new bag/
Chasing Jesus who’s
blood paid our ransom/
And memories built for us
a brand new mansion/


Cuz we after the grand auto return/
Giving back to the one’s who were burned/
You gonna learn how to work for you earn/