Grand Auto Return: 3

Verse Three

Daddy dreading all the drama/
Got him wishing there was
a period and not a comma/
The man was driven to provide the manna/
Protect the fam but he gets no de nada/
Must be karma to be taken advantaged of/
Writes checks freely but gotta pay child support/
And the only thing worse
than gettin’ kicked down when ya hurt/
Is not seeing the child you helped to give birth/
Fighting in the courts
he regrets the days he flirts/
The depression gets to his child
and it’s hindering his growth spurts/
No shawty I ain’t
tryna get in these underpants/
I only long for love & benevolence/
And to see families at peace & full of happiness/


Cuz we after the grand auto return/
Giving back to the one’s who were burned/
You gonna learn how to work for your earn/