The Sights and the Staff

1. An omen of James;concerning America and present day Russia.2. Hear the word of the LORD:In the times I have visited you, you have not welcomed me.3. And my servants who I sent to you; even my Messengers and Ministers, you have enslaved and ostracized. 4. The truth I sent to you, you would not […]

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Prayer: Great Victory

Strong Deliverer, So many are down and depressed due to the state of our world, our society has reared its ugly head against the godly, and kings of wickedness are being loosed. Yet, you have protected your children from every attack and final blow from the enemy. When we would be trampled upon, you hid […]

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Prayer: Closer Intimacy

Awesome Comforter, You are more flavorful than the apple of my eye; more pleasant than aromas of cinnamon and echinacea, and yet I am known and loved by You. You wash my ears with words of tenderness and loving kindness, and heal my bowels with relaxation. You bring me through the groans, the pains and […]

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Prayer: Foreign Policy

God, Greater works will be done by those who abide in your truth, and yet you pour out greater grace to those who don’t deserve it. Thank you for not leaving us to wander with those who are in the dark. With you dwells light beyond the sun, the moon, and the stars. How great […]

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Prayer: The Rising Knights

Great Divider, This is the Day that you’ve arranged for us; to pay homage and be in awe of; to recount our blessings while not dismissing our sins. Thank you for bringing great illumination while the world becomes cold and dark. We praise you for sending us good while evil lurks in the background. Be […]

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Prayer: Supernatural Nursing

Heavenly Caretaker, Many of us are fleeing to hills as our world becomes more sick. Love and truth is thrown away for sensationalism and unrighteous ness. Yet your Kingdom triumphs over all. Thank you for making your servants more than conquerors even in our fragile states. Be praised as the one who healed broken wounds, […]

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Prayer: The Glow Up

Most beautiful, There are many ways we look to cosmetics to enhance our countenance, but you O Lord are the most wonderful, handsome, and gorgeous of them all. We praise you as one who stripped Himself of all likeability to emphasize with the least of us just so you can make all equal in You. […]

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Prayer: Zee and Tees

Omega, When we were on the verge of despair, you comforted us. You have known us from the very beginning and have plotted our course from afar. We thank you for the gift of life and all it entails. You are the source of our Strength. Be magnified forever! Lord we are in the season […]

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Prayers for Family In-House

Majestic Lord, You have caused us to be visitors on the Earth and to live as pilgrims until your Return. Thank you for leading and protecting us in the maze of life. Thank you for not abandoning us when times become crucial. Be praised as the only LORD who rules well over His people. I […]

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