chapter seven

1And the LORD spoke to me in dark sayings:

2Got the kitties purring, unnerving cuz it’s a fact/

3Bottled up this formula kid this similac/

4I patent like a pilgrim a milli in this pavilion/

5Look here for the syringe immunity from venom/


6I’m just a servant no imposter/

7Oodles to noodles I’m the Geti get the pasta/

8Bumblebee sauce transforms to something hostel/

9Action packed drive I’m not trying to win an Oscar/

10Blockbusters always trying to muster/

11Catch up to the hustlers/

12Let’s give em Lolli cuz they suckers/


13We ain’t got time to be back n forth with sentinels/

14Go and get your thirty while we go and get the hundredfold/

15_tank, s_ank, st_nk, sta_k, stan_, _tank, s_ank/

16Lift up your hands if you know Jesus fills your ta_ k/

17G_s_lin_ energy to k_ _ p up the cr_nk/

18Ch_rg_ us with tr_ th be_ _ _ _ _  the_e J_ k _ rs out h_re

sh _ _ ting _______/

19For I the LORD am fully able to save to the uttermost those who look to me. 

20Is my work imperfect so that I will not save all? 

21Although they deny me, I cannot deny myself. 

22I will make good on those whose fruit are corrupt. 

23And they shall have authority over every ministering spirit.

3And God said, “Let there be light,” and there