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chapter six

1The days are coming saith the LORD where men of great endurance shall rise. 

2They have suffered much by my hand and have held fast to my truth. 

3Although they been reviled, slandered, and ostracized they will be welcomed by my hand.

 4For even as they made friends with the unrighteous, they have made friends with me. 

5Although they have been surpassed with sorrows of condemnation, they will now have joy with Everlasting Fellowship with me. 

6Do I call the righteous to repentance? I will call to account those who have failed to love the least of these. 

7For those who deal treacherously bring people to the temple, but my shepherds will exhaust in converting the lost soul. 

Are you better than the Canaanites, the Moabites, or the Philistines? 

9Behold the pride of Jacob, his fortified wall! I will bring down your stronghold as in the days or Jericho. 

10And those who have been made low shall be a blessing to the nations. Those who seek me with their whole heart shall gain the world. 

11Look! Behold! See! The buildings are being town down now. 

12And mansions are being built in their place – Homes built in heaven. 

13The salt shall rise from the ground and be a great army. My light shall descend with great warring. 

14These are the words of Christ, the LORD of hosts.

3And God said, “Let there be light,” and