Returning of the JedE

chapter two

And the LORD spoke to me in dark sayings:

2Here comes the Final Boss/

Bumblebee with yellow sauce/

3Prime is up to optimal/

The Sun streaking up to early morning/

4Swiping right on Tinder/

Driving like a winner/

5Keep it safe buddy/

You don’t wanna go offend them/

6Will I refrain from punishing the sins of the United States?

7These cities got me pulling my Jair/

This J-Train gotta new fare/

Shooting free-throws with an Iron Jersey wear/

8Where is the hammer? The plumber?/

Super Mario shooting fires with the crypto/

9In the middle of Dinah/

Shall my daughter renounce the bottle feeder/

10Dishing and devour/

Now we know who is the ManEater/

11The fenced walls shall be broken from sea to sea:

12From day to day, David comes to help a brother/

For ever ever ever ever soldier here to cut up/

13Dada got my number know we bout to fudge up/

Peanut butter and chocolate you know that’s a couple/

14The Elder scrolls knows what the scepter holds/

Curry and Steve burn down the centerfolds/

15For the LORD decides the origin and fate/

He will not refrain from punishing the United States/

Judgement on the Children of God

16And the LORD spoke to me in dark sayings:

17The chastisements of God are certain, but His mercy will endure.

18His anger is like fire but it will not last forever.

19Enter His courts with praise while they are still open.

20Linger there until his wrath has past.

21Aaron gave into the people and made a golden calf.

22Wickedness abounds, let the wise see the other half.

3And God said, “Let