Return of the Je

chapter 3

1These are the words that the LORD speaks against the children of Israel; against the family that are wandering in the wilderness:

2You were watched and observed from afar;

Chosen amongst all the peoples of the earth.

3I fed you with manna and kept you clothed.

Yet you continue to rebel against me.

4O how I want you to walk with me!

5Do confidantes grow closer apart?

Or lasting friendships survive without apology?

6Yet you have despised hearing my Law,

And in insolence refused to repent.

7Behold cats know when to chase mice;

And vultures know where to find carcasses.

My Worship is ForReal

8Although you hid yourself under the clefs,

My judgement knows how to find you.

9It shall be heralded in the streets,

But will my people learn the fear of the Lord?

10No mystery is withheld

from those who dwell in my secret places.

11It is them in whom

I will pour my Spirit upon;

12Mountains shall be made low before them

13And valleys shall be made high,

14For the LORD has ordered disaster

Upon the cities that feed off injustice.

15But safety remains for those who seek me;

they are the ones in whom my soul loves.

3And God said, “Let there