Return of the

Chapter 4

1Give ear, you free men who herd bulls, who dwell in the White Mountains; who build house upon house so that the needy are homeless, why have you abandoned your wives to the filthy Den?

 2You have bribed princes so that your rules may stand. You have traded My Glory for your image so that men would praise you. 

3You have tasked the poor with slavish labor while you look on from your castles. 

4The law has been debilitated because of you and justice has slowed from going forth. 

5In every place, your ungodly deeds have pursued the righteous, and you have turned their cause out of the way. 

6Let those who seek the LORD quiet themselves, for the LORD walks in His Holiness. 

7And the LORD shall fight for the needy and the oppressed. He will knock out the teeth of the predator and crush the hand of the brawler.

 8Do you not see this? Has not the LORD declared this long ago? 

9If I strike you with plagues as I did with Egypt, will you return to me? Surely your gardens and vineyards will wither; and rain shall be your portion in sorrow, but those who hunger and thirst for me will be satisfied. 

10Your camp shall be full of deadly fragrance because of pestilence. You will be overthrown with fire like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

11Behold, he who makes the pit and forms the hills and places his words into man’s heart, the LORD of hosts is in His temple. May heaven and earth tremble before Him!

3And God said, “Let there be