Return of t

chapter five

1These are the words taken up for edification, O Israel:

2Though you have stumbled 70 times,

You will rise again.

3After the days of affliction, you will see and know that you can do nothing of yourselves.

4Then you will receive my counseling and follow my paths.

5For although I have chastened you for your sins, my love is ever steadfast.

ressurect help

6Seek me while there is still breath in your nostrils,

Lest fire shall consume the children of Noah

Yes! Even lakes that will destroy and leave nothing in its path.

8Will you give ear O Israel?

Behold even the dead amongst you pay attention.

9They stand at the gates and wait for my command.

10Their bones are joined by sinews,

and they hate those who speak lies.

11Marvel for the times are at hand

Even at the very door.

12Since you have exacted taxes to destroy the poor’s income,

You will watch your wealth burn in my wrath.

God’s judgment of the south

13Rulers of the Great Prairie listen,

Do not dwell in houses

that were swindled from others.

Light in Darkness
Made an Everlasting Way

14For as it was taken from them,

So shall it be taken from you.

15And princes of the palm,

Do not plant vineyards

That were stolen from others.

16For your land will be taken from you

And you will weep and wail at the calamity that will come.

Valid witness

17These are the testimonies I’ve received from the LORD:

18“One validates my witness even as I testify,

A great testing shall come upon the whole earth,

To test those who are pure and faithful.

19In those days silence and rest will cover the wise.

And quietness the confidant warrior.

20They shall live long even as they seek the goodness of the land.

21They shall be a great light for those who walk in darkness.

22Those who dwell on giving sacraments I do not require shall be rejected.

23If you wish to be accepted, present your bodies.

24For the LORD God is not a god of the dead, but of the living.

25Those who trust in my name shall find pleasure in the Everlasting Way.

3And God said, “Let there be light,”