chapter 8

1What is the sin of 48 if the length of the hypothenuse is 35? 2If the inscribed angle is half an intercepted arc, what’s the angle for an arc of 45 degrees? 3Behold! I bring a cord to divide the house of Israel. 4For Isaac said that the boundary lines are pagan and ought to be destroyed. 5Therefore will I raise nations to destroy them – even the kings of Jehu. 6For had they delineated x reconciled = they would’ve found Me. 7But instead of choosing to be full of righteousness, they defiled themselves in falsehood. 8Therefore this is what the LORD says:

9You have driven down my roads without a license,

 Therefore, a penalty awaits you.

10Your meals shall be had in pain and mourning, and your songs will turn into silence.

11And a great famine shall come into the land, because of your deafness of hearing.

12Nevertheless my children shall walk in freedom, and be secure from all of my tribulations.

13They shall build and plant without worry and without stress.

14And they shall be my servants saving the ungodly from fires.

3And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was