chapter nine

1These words are the wisdom and knowledge of Jesus Christ; His love towards His body that is the Church. 2To the saints scattered across the US:

3I have loved you with an Everlasting Love.

4From the Beginning to the End I have delighted in you,

And desired to make myself known to you.

5You were hungry and I fed you.

You were naked and I clothed you.

6And I will adorn you with the glory of Joseph,

And you shall shine brilliantly before me.

7No longer shall a man refer to his brother by ethnicity,

For they all shall be children of Light.

8Jesus said to me, “I am the Son of God,

And the Father and I are One.”

9I have become a #ff0000 in loving you,

I made myself #000000.

10So that in my return,

We may get #0000ff.

11Behold judgement and mercy are at my right hand.

all night long

12Lord if you must slay me, just remember to raise me/

13Unleaved with flour make me whiter than Daisies/

14Walk with us through the fire, rivers, the limits/

15Give us your digits so are days are replenished/

16You are the L.A.M.B slain to set us free/

17We wanna be like you like 11 + 12 = ??/

18Just remember our brothers on the way up/

19Give us the grace to tell those in err enough/

20You are the Alpha and Omega and the Beta/

21And all the Data in between Dada/

Dmaj7 Amaj7 Dmin7 Amin7

22One love Father/

*In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., a prophet of his times whose spirit lives on today – even in me. Happy Martin Luther King’s Day.


3And god said, “let there be light,” and there was light.

Gen 1:3