Seeking: Satisfied Prayer

Center of my Call, You are not some Mockingbird or Brown Thrasher that bites off of the wishes of your people, but the source of all Godly Desire and the fulfillment of your Passion towards your Bride. You are our safest base; our Home Run Inn, the place to find serendipity. Thank you for training […]

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Prayer: O Pies and T

Dutiful Divinity, Every pretense to wisdom and knowledge you make a fool out of. You frustrate the plans of the insolent and scoff at the irreligious. Had we not seen you in humor, we would never see the gravity in light-heartedness. Thank you for exalting the young and childish things to confuse those who are […]

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Prayers for Family In-House

Majestic Lord, You have caused us to be visitors on the Earth and to live as pilgrims until your Return. Thank you for leading and protecting us in the maze of life. Thank you for not abandoning us when times become crucial. Be praised as the only LORD who rules well over His people. I […]

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