a4 – Qe7


1The LORD brought me to an exalted place and spoke to me,
“Walk through the towns that I have shown you,
for I will destroy them.
2 The chambers shall be laid waste,
and the towers shall be brought down,
and the neighbors shall regret despising My words.
3Those who have been comfortable;
even the spirits of the apathetic shall be broken.
4The people who rage unjustly shall be quieted.
Even those who persecute the righteous.
In waste shall the warrior be pacified.
5The works of the proud shall be wiped out,
as a man who washes the dishes.
The one who boasts shall be as nothing.”
6Thus says the LORD:
Listen Pyramids! Take heed faithless bedrock!
The LORD has an indictment against you.
7He shall freshen reeks of ungodliness;
the misdeeds of the nations shall be forgiven.
8And the herald’s voice shall go hoarse;
like dried cherries left in the sun.
So shall the judgments of false accusers be blotted out.
9Those who dabble in the affairs
of the righteous shall find no substantial evidence.
10And the cause of the just shall remain firm.
11They will command reverence in their service;
for their just deeds stand the test of time.
12They have endured much and secured victory.
13Their hearts have been afflicted, 
but they have found healing in Me.
14They will find rest from all troubles and misfortune.