B.C 4

Chapter three

1 This is the exhortation to Lydia:
in your brilliance you have called out to your brothers;
those who are strong and have been elevated by my hand.
2 I made them priests in the anointing of Melchizedek,
to walk along ancient roads,
and receive tithes from your fathers.
3 I brought them from the East with electrifying signs;
in accordance with my Purpose.
4 You called out to them,
even to your siblings near the Black Sea,
for above the waters have I made them kings.
5 Now Gideon, behold they come to make sacrifice.
Receive their grain and crystals.
For whatever in brought in respect to my Atonement will suffice.
6 And in worship, receive the Four Arias,
for they are a sweet fragrance to Me.
In Christ shall men find opulence.
7 O Lydia, cry out!  Say to the children of Paseah,
“You are the repairers of the Gate!,”
and let the Tekoites hear and be encouraged.
8 For it is a small thing for my noble men to speak my word.
They are ashamed of Me and refuse to work amongst the poor.
9 Who shall quench my fire,
shall the sons of Aaron test me?
10 Tell those who I’ve healed from Israel’s faithlessness,
kings shall come from you.
11 Israel despised my Balm, and acquired rime.
She mounted near the Alps to whore before me.
12 Her whoring has been broadcasted all the way to Nineveh.
Let their nobles fast and pray for their deliverance.
13 For I shall raise a sore famine,
nourishment shall not be found by man nor mammal.
The bees shall not find flowers to pollinate.

14 If Israel had heard this, 
they would not have served other gods.
Neither would they flock to soothsayers for oracles.
15 Their taste would be for the words of my Mouth,
and they would drink from the voice of my Spirit.
16 Tell those who dare against the king
to walk along the trails, the paths that ascend.
17 Go and bring healing to my house,
for I would have my people whole.
18 And if they ask how can this be?
19 Remind them that I am the LORD.
20 And the glory of late is greater than what came before.
21 In my mercy, I have sworn to those who believe;
You were once naked, now you shall be richly adorned.
22 Although you were in rags, and tormented by wraiths,
I will bring you into my congregation;
and you shall find rest.
23 Say to the ridges across the shore;
the rocks that are hidden from view,
“Who are you to feast with my children?”
24 If I heap anvils upon the sensual and foolish,
why should you not be afraid?
25 And if I should poison those tenders of sheep
who care not for the flock, should you repent?
26 Behold a mist comes and form a cloud,
it is dark and damp,

Heavy snowfall, gales as winter storm hits Middle East

Article written by By Sarah El Deeb

27 It twists and turns and sucks all in proxy;
both house and land; man and beast.
28 And the grave and the august men shall
lose their flavor. Their children shall go to destruction.
29 But those who live in Me shall die to their sins,
and uproot every branch of wickedness in their heart.
30 Teach the Chief Musician the following Psalm: 31 The young man has become a prince,
and the barren woman is full of children.
Let the name of the LORD be praised.
32 His kingdom extends to all who fear Him.
33 There is none too desolate he cannot reach.
34 The LORD lives in me. 
So shall I be raised with Him.
35 He came down to redeem Creation;
His splendor fills the heavens and the earth.
36 Who is exalted over all Creation?
Jesus, the LORD of light and glory!
37 For He is risen from the dead,
and is set upon the heavenly throne.
38 Calling out to God brings happiness,
His voice is heard in the depths of one’s soul.
39 Push yourself to worship the LORD.
Pull from your heart songs of praise.
Let the servants of God praise His name forever.

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