Check Mate


1 This is the revelation of Christ:
I rule over all.
2 I have placed my ways in you
because I love you.
3 It is to my own glory that you
Love as forgiven people.
4 Not like the Dragon, who knowing
his condemnation would persecute my likeness.
5 Don’t procrastinate in showing 
favor to others even to those
who may be a nuisance.
6 Pursue me and be born again.
Seek me and bear the
fruits of righteousness.
7 Do not chase the presence
of another to desire their beauty
or their fertility.
8 For you shall corrupt yourselves,
and the children you bear shall
die forever.
9 Love me, and you shall partake 
in my divine nature.
10 For I gave my life for you,
so that you May experience all of Me.
11 I’m the ambassador/
fishy like a cod/
12 Jumbo O the monstrosity/
Someone shoot the messenger/
13 We grow to preach/
and egg the noggin/
14 I know it’s bothering/
How else can you teach?/
15 Forgo the Algo/
Imbibe with something surer/
16 Hear a flow for the future/
Across the Pasco/
17 Yes we passed Go!/
We escaped something cyclical/
18 Rode up in an Audi/
Like it something Biblical/
19 Faster and faster/
It’s only inevitable/
20 Say no to Massa/
Cuz we found greener pastures/

21 And I will destroy all 
that is not dedicated to God
22 Nevertheless I bestow mercy
on those who repent.
For in these things I do delight.
23 The infidel shall suffer extreme bitterness.
Like polarized weather shall their torments change.
24 And I will give Israel their allotted portions.
25 There shall be no more Rabbis,
for I will be their Teacher.
26 These are the oracles of Christ
given to James in the spirit of prophecy.
27 May those who look to
the Second Coming hasten his return.
28 Those who have ears to hear let them hear.
29 For the gates of Heaven are open to those who seek it.