Double Pin


1 When reports of Grant being stuck in Texas due 
to the snow storm reached James,
2 He sent messengers to North Carolina, Ohio,
Delaware, and Pennsylvania saying,
3 “Be sure to pick up the necessary utensils
there, for they will be helpful.”
4 The times of blossoming are approaching
and the keys of knowledge are being revealed.
5 See to it that the workers near the Core
argue no more.
6 And James joined the others to watch over the cities.
7 These are dark sayings of Christ:

Woah! Didn’t think those feelings would flow/
They backslide to evil/
From Black Root to GreenShaw/
8 Since when was it wrong to regrow?/
I saw him leave the throng/
9 The Negro thought he could ISO/
Crossed him so hard I broke his ankh/
10 Cold-blooded like a mixed breed/
Polar panda babe/
I cuff the misdeeds/
11 Don’t misread the winds/
I’m not singing Soprano/
12 You get One Moment’s Notice/
On this train vibrato/
13 Rein in on full mode/
There’s rain in the ghetto/
14 Tread for survival/
To walk is revival/
15 Exit on Johnny’s shrub/
Wait! Rewind that and scrub/

Congrats Marcia & the Bibbins
Funky like ColeSlaw!! Holy Holy – Cole Degenova
Climate Change alters Birds
The Romantic Warrior – Chick Corea

16 I stand on genomes/
You would’ve never picked up/
17 These green eggs a trip/
Check out the call log/
18 Him: I’m the Man, you Script/
Me: That must make me a fox/
19 False!/
18 Read the instructions/
til you get an unction/
19 Something within strikes
a chord with your malfunction/
20 We got it all on video/
The director’s cut remedial/
21 Don’t call it garbage/
When it’s truly convivial/

22 I thought to myself, it is good
to not be alone.
For who can serve and protect the people
by themselves?/
23 Brothers hide their hatred, 
and slay another unawares/
24 But the LORD reveals the
secret sins to His servants.
25 A bird shall reveal evidence
to prove the man’s innocence.
26 His sentence shall be shortened
for he committed no crime.
27 The LORD strengthens the just
so that they heave equity.
28 Repairing righteousness shall be their 
main focus.
29 In 43 days it’s wall shall be restored.
30 For the LORD will have mercy on
the nations that are destroyed.
31 His loving truth shines as
the dawn of the sun.