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1As I walked back and forth across the living room,
I assessed the space as it was written,
“Measure the length and width of Jerusalem”
2And I saw the rulers burn the sacred city;
it’s flames rose to the heavens like incense,
3And I saw Israel who mourned for the Temple in the past,
and who barely escaped the currEnt desolation.
The sight was like the days of Lot.
4Nevertheless, Paradise was before them;
Israel, look no longer to the former days,
the days that are coming to an End.
5For the rich land you’ve known has become a desert;
it’s youthfulness has become old.
Hurry to the LORD before it’s too late!
6Lest the Crown of Eden be withheld,
and the Pleasures of Life escape your hand!
The trail of the LORD shall not be veiled from you.
7Jacob has become treacherous in obeisance.
He has shot arrows to the hEAvens.
Shall I test his interiors?
8He comes to me with four horsemen;
Decapitating the officials of the Alps,
and Esau accompanies him.
9In revenge he destroyed Delilah;
all the women who have turned the godly out of the way,
their screams rang in contempt of seeds corrupted.
10He covered them in Joseph’s robe,
the garment that was sold for the dead,
for the daughters of Moab are not redeemed.
11In haste he mounted upon the hills of Fullerton,
and slayed all the wicked residing there.
The idols shadowing the saints will be no more.
12And the house of the LORD will be built there.
It will be greater than former temples.
Music and merrymaking will continue forever.
13For God resides where true worship is offered,
Life and Truth are the beverages for Libations.
It’s scent shall be carriEd by the Four Winds.

Under the Boardwalk – The Drifters