exd5 – e4

Can Pork Bring Back Bipartisanship?

Article by Amy Walter


1 It is because of His mercy that Israel is not consumed.
2 I have poured my Spirit upon you,
so that you would learn to trust me.
3 This I gave you as a gift, through the covenant of my mercy.
4 Speak to the infantry under your charge:
Hold your ranks.
5 And to the cooks in your kitchen:
Prepare the soup.
6 For as you have been faithful in a little,
I have made you ruler over much,
7 You shall not be broken down through Monopolies,
because you have joined yourself to me.
8 The puncture of Judah is open and cannot be healed.
Maintain your peace lest blood is shed in your city.
9 My people are in debt
and are stewards of nothing.
10 Had they not rebelled,
they would have received my treasures.
11 The LORD stomps the earth
and the ground shakes.
12 The Black Sun and the Black Moon rises.
It’s light covers the face of the earth.
13 Speak to the servants in Louisiana!
Rejoice! Your steps shall no
longer be led to the mouths of the lion.
14 Those who wish to devour you,
I will tear into pieces.
15 I will make them desolate
as I cause your land to flourish.
16 My children shall escape from my wrath;
according to the works of my hand.
17 For even as the Day comes,
and I return, they will find their place in Me.
18 Those who have put their trust in 
other gods will not find their healing.
19 They will be put to shame in their
tiresome homage.
20 But my remnant shall acquire fields for themselves.
Land that will be passed from generation to generation.
21 And they shall be priests before Me,
to serve in my Temple.
22 They shall wear new coats,
and new sashes tied to their waists.